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  • Black and white bark of European white birch or Betula pendula id: 225203674
  • the bench in the park is covered with white snow id: 238871990
  • Birch bark id: 158284069
  • stairs pattern id: 252295589
  • Birch bark surface. id: 261586749
  • Birch Tree Bark Texture Close Up. Texture Useful For Background Image or To Use as Overlay. id: 355693271
  • concrete texture background id: 220582835
  • white and black paint background texture with brush strokes id: 279281495
  • Birch bark texture natural background paper close-up. Birch tree wood texture. Pattern of birch bark. id: 344918397
  • birch bark texture id: 223147734
  • Abstract monochrome background with scratches, lines and paint spots. id: 347749541
  • old wall background texture id: 229378323
  • Wooden board texture with plain marks. Timber vector illustration on transparent background. id: 203337284
  • Wood texture background with natural pattern for design and decoration. id: 330277701
  • Birch bark id: 53129572
  • brickwork white painted as seamless texture id: 85310843
  • Closeup view of birch tree silver bark texture. Suitable for an abstract background. id: 93242580
  • Snow on the wood background id: 128991556
  • Birch bark texture, white and grey id: 282446918
  • background abstract dirty wall texture id: 348233658
  • Aged white stone stairway id: 86570733
  • Brick texture with scratches and cracks id: 143401138
  • Schäden an Hauswand id: 140681340
  • Wall id: 81489815
  • ice drift on a big river, ice floes floating on the water, against the backdrop of black and white motley hills, Russia, Amur, Far East id: 343015208
  • 雪山の雪原 id: 308745885
  • top view of rustic white wooden table background template id: 277536574
  • Grunge black and white. Texture of scratches, dust, dirt, chips, scuffs. Abstract monochrome background id: 372971010
  • Abstract art background. Oil on canvas. Rough and express brushstrokes of paint. Modern art. Contemporary art. id: 130880846
  • Brick texture with scratches and cracks id: 155592584
  • White scratched wooden texture, background with copy space. Banner id: 177748034
  • Birch tree texture close up, bstract nature background close up id: 254985982
  • borke id: 29567111
  • Blue Tiger metallic Texture id: 319316699
  • Grunge wall texture background. id: 70874546
  • bad asphalt road with large holes top view, federal highway of the Vologda and Kostroma regions in the north of Russia. id: 365195493
  • brick old wall of white color, Background Texture id: 264691763
  • Layers of fluffy white snow covers the mountainside in Solang Valley, Himalayas. id: 356715544
  • Old concrete wall id: 77116245
  • abstract background, black and white id: 286515406
  • Brick texture with scratches and cracks id: 135193009
  • Background splash black on paper. Creative abstract art from ink and Alcohol ink colors. Marble texture. Oil painting on canvas. Hand oil painting. Color texture. Fragment of artwork. Spots of paint. id: 376082087
  • birch trunk as background id: 85540422
  • grunge wall background old texture id: 290896352
  • Antike griechische Mauer id: 219235493
  • background white brick wall id: 212887319
  • birch bark texture natural background paper close-up id: 123640994
  • old painted blue wood board, copy paste space id: 248156859
  • Brick texture with scratches and cracks id: 102714075
  • Vintage gray stone stairways id: 86570752
  • tree bark texture id: 351994426
  • White brick wall background id: 123883352